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Sunday, 21 Apr 2019

Who We Are

Give Me Dignity, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit, non-denominational public charity organized to help restore a person’s dignity when that dignity is at its most fragile. Two primary vehicles drive what we do GMD:

1) Restoring Dignity: to homeless and women in need during their menstrual cycles by providing the basic necessities to help a woman feel like a woman regardless of her current socio-economic status. While the primary focus of Restoring Dignity is on women, we also provide products and services to help ease the burdens of homelessness or poverty among men.

The alarming increase in poverty and homelessness is clear. Less clear has been the drastic change in the face of homelessness. According to the Washington Post, “The current economic downturn, unlike others in the past, is hurting not just the already-poor but also people who were considered safe and well off … And millions of people who were living the American dream—as homeowners—are heading for the street.” In a 2008 survey of 137 rescue missions across North America, women with children made up 66 percent of the homeless families, a jump from 55 percent in 2007 and the highest figure recorded in the last eight years. We are not engaged in an impossible mission to eradicate poverty or homelessness. Our focus is simply to return a touch of humanity to disenfranchised people, particularly women who so much yearn to feel like women, especially during their menstrual cycles.

2) Give Me Dignity: Child Sex Abuse Abatement seeks to provide much needed relief to the thousands of children being ravaged by sex crimes in the Caribbean. While we recognize the universality of child sex abuse, we are directing our focus on a region where resources are limited, maybe even nonexistent. By providing a forum for dialogue, prevention tools and rehabilitation, we are striving to ensure children can be free to transition into adulthood without the added burden of stigma, shame, interruption and all the negative emotions and behaviors that so often plague victims of child sex abuse.

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