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Sunday, 21 Apr 2019

Profiling A Molester

Not all abusers are created equal, for example, the Situational Molester takes advantage of certain circumstances while the Preferential Molester simply prefers sexual relations with a child. Knowing the difference helps refine more effective preventive measures. Here are a few characteristics to keep in mind:

Regressed Child Molester
•    This pedophile has a situational occurrence that impels him to turn to children. This turn is only temporary and will revert.
•    Traditionally involved with adults. For example, being married and having a family.
•    When life stress gets to a regressed offender the children become an outlet. They usually feel more comfortable with children.
•    Also, they are geographically stable, employed, and may have some substance abuse, and also may have low self-esteem.
 Morally Indiscriminate Molester
•    An abuser of all available persons. Children are simply included, but not the overall goal.
•    Experiments sexually, “try-sexual,” that is willing to try or do anything. Such as bondage, tyndarianism (mate-swapping), and triolism (3-partner relationships).
•    Can involve biological children or children by marriage in the sexual experiments because of their convenience.

Naïve or Inadequate Molester
•    Usually suffer from mental disorder that renders them unable to make the distinction between right and wrong. Examples: retardation or senility.
•    Known throughout the neighborhood for being bizarre or strange.
•    Loners, not by choice, but because they are not capable of establishing personal relationships with others.
•    Doesn’t harm children, experiments with holding, fondling, kissing, licking, but not sexual intercourse, oral or anal sex.
•    Views children as non-threatening and easier to deal with than adults, so they prefer children.
•    Has a collection of pornography; however, it is not child porn.

Situational Molester
•    Don’t have a true sexual interest in children.
•    Will experiment with children when stress is introduced into life.
•    Seen as victim of circumstance.
•    Has the fewest number of victims.
•    Will not limit victims to just children but will also prey upon the elderly, sick, or mentally impaired.

Preferential Molester
•    Prefer children as the providers of personal and sexual gratification.
•    Seek out children for their needs and wants.

1.    Sadist; has made the connection between sexual gratification and personal violence.
2.    Usually male.
3.    Typically the victim is a stranger to the aggressor.
4.    May stalk the child rather than use a form of seduction; may take victim by force using his size as an advantage.
5.    Abducts children from playgrounds, schools, shopping centers, and other places children gather.
6.    Has no “love” for children; only interested in causing harm and eventual death to a vulnerable victim.
7.    Crime is premeditated and ritualized.
8.    Has little or no activity with people his own age, and is usually single and considered immature; uncomfortable around adults.
9.    Offender is childlike himself in his lifestyle and behaviors.
10.  Likes children for their less demanding ways, easily dominated, and less critical mentalities.
11.  “Loves” children and doesn’t want to harm them; courts them and buys gifts as a seduction ploy and slowly becomes intimate with the child.
12.  Oral-genital sex is the norm and actual intercourse develops only after a very long period of time has passed.

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