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Sunday, 21 Apr 2019

Effects Of Child Sex Abuse

Child sex abuse is NOT just a “little sex.” In fact, studies have shown that the effects of exposure to sex abuse, even indirectly, can have life altering effects including short term and long term behavioral changes including but by no means limited to:

    Short Term/Immediate Effects
a.    Shock
b.    Guilt
c.    Blame
d.    Withdrawal
e.    Sadness
f.     Denial
g.    Confusion
h.    Avoidance
i.     Loss of interest
    i.    School
    ii.   Church
    iii.   Social Activities

j.    Loss of appetite
k.    Loss of sleep

Long Term Effects
a.    Depression and/or other mental health issues
b.    Anger
c.    Hostility
d.    Deterioration in grades
e.    Truancy
f.     Promiscuity
g.    Alcoholism
h.    Substance Abuse
i.     Prostitution or other adult entertainment activities
j.     May become offender
k.    Inability to trust
l.    The list can be as great as the number of victims

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