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Wednesday, 20 Jun 2018

About the Program

What is Summer Flow? Summer Flow is an online teenage girls engagement program designed to empower, inspire and motivate our future young leaders in understanding the meaning of femininity. It is a 4 months program targeting teenage girls ages 12-19 who live in North America, The Islands, Europe and Africa. Collectively created by the Founder of Give Me Dignity, Julie Mansfield and Authors Taiece, Lanier and Yetunde Taiwo, the program will take place on Google Hangout with up to 10 girls on the panel and over 1,000 to engage in conversations about feminine hygiene, the roller coaster of emotions during your menstrual cycle, and reforming the myths and fallacies about periods. This program also gives the girls a platform to engage about their relationships with boys and pure girl power: the ability to tap into your extraordinary self.

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